Nowadays Facebook Advertising service is quite significant because through FB advertising you can enhance visibility, increases brand awareness, generates leads and eventually helps your business to grow further by generating revenue. Facebook is certainly a powerful platform as its biggest social media network in the world. Various ad campaign methods applied by our Ad campaign executive like- Strategic implementations, creative design, Unique content creation, budget and consistency of work can pave the path for the online branding of your business.

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Affordable Facebook Lead Generation Service in India

If you are looking for an affordable Facebook lead generation Service in India, then you are in right place. In this era of technological and digital advancement, social media network has a profound influence on everything and everybody. With social media, we can connect literally and virtually to anyone. Social media has a strong influence on all the dynamics of a business firm and even an individual.

This is why the marketing, promotion, advertising of business corporations have been expanded to all such social media platforms. Facebook is widely used and has a massive audience. Presently Facebook has more than 2 billion monthly users. From creating strategies and creating ads to launching your ads and monitoring their performance, we provide multiple solutions to Facebook advertising.

Facebook Ad Formats

Facebook Video Ads:
By choosing the Facebook video ads option you can show your product as an audio-visual mode to the customers. Video Ads are more conversable rather than image ad campaigns. For better results from an Ad campaign, you need to hire a professional Facebook advertising agency because agencies have the proper knowledge to run a successful ad campaign on behalf of you.

Facebook Photo Ad:
By choosing the Facebook Photo Ads option you can show your products as an image mode. This is the simple and easiest option among all other ads formats. By creating an HD image with engaging content, you can easily increase your CTR. A professional FB Ad agency is the best option for you to do the work.

Facebook Slideshow Ad:
It uses images and audio to create a video-like ad to give a brief description of your product and service. To create a Facebook Slideshow ad you can contact any professional FB Ad agency in your city.

Facebook Carousel Ads:
With this Ads option, you can show multiple images to your customers in a single Ad campaign. By using proper images, descriptions and links you can create successful Facebook Carousel Ads for your business.

Facebook Dynamic Products Ads:
In this type, you create an ad template that automatically uses images and details from your customer data feed for things you'd like to advertise and display it on Facebook. This is suitable if you have a large number of products.

Facebook Leads Form Ads:
This type of ad helps you find people who might be interested in your products or services and will help you gather information about them. This is done in a format where they have to fill up a form mentioning their name, phone number, email ID etc. You may also include a questionnaire for your interested and potential customers.

Why Choose DigitalStartups – Cheap Facebook Advertising Company in India

If you are looking for a cheap Facebook advertising company in India then you are in right place. We at DigitalStartups will advertise your business on Facebook in a creative manner that will instantly grab people’s attention, the function of redirecting viewers will be implemented so that they are directed to your page. We have a very competent and efficient team and they have the requisite knowledge of how advertising is incorporated. We guarantee to promote your products and services extensively so that you reach maximum visibility and accomplish targets.


  • Q
    Are Facebook Ads better than Google Ads?
    Facebook Ads and Google Ads are different in terms of the way they attract people. Google ads are based on what people are searching for. Facebook ads are based on interests of people (Pages people have liked, interests they may have added, page they follow, page they search). However, there are difference in cost for advertisement in different platforms and Facebook Ads are comparatively cheaper.
  • Q
    How long should I run my Facebook Ad?
    You should run your ad as long as it keeps converting or performing as per your rate. However, in case it is not yielding enough targets, then you may discontinue.

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